Our Curriculum

Multi-aged Grouping

At The Learning Cove, we see each child for who they are. Our unique view of early education promotes individual care and education though our mixed-age (family grouped) curriculum. The benefits to mixed-age grouping are endless. It allows children to be a part of a group of a range of ages which nurtures their social and emotional wellbeing as well  well encouraging intellectual growth.

Mixed-aged grouping provides an opportunity for children to learn from each other. For example, younger children are exposed to more complex language which develops communication skills, where as older children have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and often support children who are younger and still learning.

Our Program

Our curriculum starts from the minute the children walk through the door! We see every part of our day as an opportunity for learning. From recognising their name on their locker, to looking after their belongings, from toileting and lunch  routines to making their beds before rest time. Encouraging children to take responsibility and ownership of their own care promotes a positive sense of self and confidence in their own abilities.

Throughout the day, our qualified educators plan meaningful play experiences which encourage the children's development. Play experiences are based on each individuals needs, and interests.

Our programs are guided  by the Early Years Learning Framework, which encourage holistic development  with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of each child.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Queensland Kindergarten Program

We are excited to now be able to provide a Queensland Kindergarten Program. Our Kindy program is a play based curriculum based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. Our fun and educational programs ensure that our children become confident and successful learners who have all the necessary skills to take on their next step in their learning journey.